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February Heart

The Njjuba Project’s team returned from a trip to Uganda, and we are excited to tell you about it! Cindy and Jen spent three days at the Lungala Educational Centre in Mpigi District. We interacted with the children, taught classes, and discussed plans for building an addition to the existing school. The addition is especially needed as the school is at full capacity. To admit more children, Lungala needs more classrooms.

The next stop was the Bwindi Orphanage. We were able to spend two full days with the children. On day one we met some of the new orphans and distributed school and sanitary supplies. The children entertained us with song and dance. On the second day we attended a picnic with two hundred people from the community. Cindy and Jen helped prepare the feast that was provided to the community, children and guardians performed cultural dances, and several members of the community shared heartwarming speeches about how The Njjuba Project is making a difference in their lives.

March Heart

As I think back on the Njjuba Project’s Spring Gala, I am filled with so much gratitude that is hard to properly express in words. Going into this event, I felt so unsure; I wondered how the community would respond to our fundraiser. We started this endeavor only six months ago, and I am extremely humbled by the number of people who showed up at the Gala to support The Njjuba Project.

Our donors helped us meet our goal of raising $10k to help the children at the Lungala Education Centre and Bwindi Orphanage. Whether you donated, attended the gala, or bid on an auction item, you helped us reach those goals and work towards our mission of helping people live a better life. Your support means more than you know, and I cannot wait to share updates of how these funds have helped to contribute to the children’s lives in Uganda.

Please enjoy some photos from our Uganda trip by clicking on the image below: