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Our Story & Mission

Meet the Committed Members of the Njjuba Project

The Njjuba Project was founded with a heartfelt mission: to provide a direct opportunity to change the lives of Uganda’s children for the better.

How it Began

During a visit to Uganda in June 2023, our founder, Jen Remme, had the opportunity to explore the Lungala Educational Centre in the Village of Mpigi and the Bwindi orphanage situated within the community of Buhoma.

Upon returning home Jen vowed to help support both of these missions so that children in the Mpigi and Buhoma communities have access to quality education, health, and well-being.

Wells of hope map of mpigi uganda where wells were built.

We’re Committed to Making a Difference

The Lungala Educational Centre

Overcrowded classrooms result in the school having to turn away children from the Mpigi village. Essential resources like textbooks and school supplies are in short supply. Furthermore, there are notable opportunities for improvement in the school’s infrastructure. For instance, the current restroom facilities consist of just two pit latrines for over 90 students. You can find more details on these challenges by reading further.

The Bwindi Orphanage

Jen visited the Bwindi orphanage which provides a home for children who’ve lost their parents, mainly due to HIV/AIDS, malaria, and abandonment.

While the orphanage offers a loving environment, significant opportunities for improvement exist. Notably, these children urgently need access to quality education. Without the money to pay for school fees, uniforms, shoes, and other materials, these children are unable to attend school.

Your Support Makes Ours Possible

Your generous donations directly impact the lives of Ugandan children, helping them lead better lives.

See the direct impact of your donations through completed projects at the learning center and orphanage. Your generosity has greatly improved conditions for the children we support.

Q1 2024 – highlights & quarterly impact

Q1 2024 – Highlights & Quarterly Impact

February The Njjuba Project’s team returned from a trip to Uganda, and we are excited to tell you about it! Cindy and Jen spent three days at the Lungala Educational Centre in Mpigi District. We interacted with the children, taught classes, and discussed plans for...

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