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Current Projects

We need your help funding critical projects for the Bwindi Orphanage and Lungala Education Centre in Uganda. Every contribution, no matter the amount, plays a crucial role in bringing positive change.

Fund a Kitchen and Sanitary Bathrooms

$460 of $7,000 raised
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Your donations directly support the Lungala Educational Centre in Uganda, where we are working to build a new kitchen and sanitary bathrooms. These facilities are vital for the well-being of the students and staff.

A proper kitchen means nutritious meals for the children, and sanitary bathrooms promote hygiene and safety. Your support is a lifeline for creating a healthier learning environment and making a meaningful difference in the lives of these children.

Fund Additional Classrooms

$1,025 of $32,000 raised
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Your support is instrumental in our mission to construct additional classrooms for the Lungala Educational Centre, directly impacting the education of more children.

These additional classrooms will expand our capacity to offer quality education to a greater number of students. This means more children will have the opportunity to learn, grow, and build a brighter future.

Lungalawell inside
To donate via check or money order, please send your payment to:

The Njjuba Project
931 N Shore Drive
Forest Lake, MN 55025

Sustaining Monthly Sponsorships

We rely on your generous support to sustain essential monthly necessities for the Lungala Education Centre and fund critical projects at the Bwindi Orphanage in Uganda. Whether you choose to make a one-time donation or subscribe to monthly contributions, your commitment is invaluable.

Sponsor a Teacher’s Salary

$150 /mo = A Teachers Salary

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Your donation will go directly toward sponsoring 1 months salary ($150) for 1 of 10 teachers, directly impacting the children’s education.

Sponsor School Supplies

$200 = Supplies for 96 children

Lungalawell inside
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With just $200 a month you can help us provide essential school supplies, books, and learning materials for nearly 100 children.

Sponsor Nutritious Meals

$300 = Food for 96 Children

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With just $300 a month, you can help us provide nutritious meals and sustenance for nearly 100 children in need.

See the Incredible Impact of Past Donations and Completed Projects.

Your generous donation has a direct impact, empowering Ugandan children to lead better lives.

Every donation helps us complete a range of projects, read firsthand accounts from our time in Uganda, and stay up-to-date with crucial updates. By staying involved, you’re continually supporting the future of these children.

Q1 2024 – highlights & quarterly impact

Q1 2024 – Highlights & Quarterly Impact

February The Njjuba Project’s team returned from a trip to Uganda, and we are excited to tell you about it! Cindy and Jen spent three days at the Lungala Educational Centre in Mpigi District. We interacted with the children, taught classes, and discussed plans for...

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