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Suzan Namatovu

Lungala Education Centre – Suzan Namatovu's mother passed away from Covid, leaving her to live with her cousin’s grandmother.  This situation caused Suzan to drop out of school and lost hope of ever attending school again.  Suzan would like nothing more than going...

Elizabeth Naligo

Lungala Educational Centre Elizabeth Naligo - She lives with her single mother and three other cousins in a one room hut in the Mpigi District.  Her mom earns less than $1 per day selling produce.  Elizabeth and her family are severely malnourished due to lack of...

Nyinakiiza Shivan

Bwindi Orphanage Nyinakiiza Shivan – Her father died suddenly and it’s unclear what happened. Nyinakiiza stays with her mother, who is very poor – she gardens for other people and earns $2 a day.   The mother had other children and requested that the orphanage take in...

Saturday Charity

Bwindi Orphanage Saturday Charity – Is a double orphan. Her father died of liver failure and two years later, her mom died of cancer.  At that time, she and her sister were accepted into the orphanage.  Her sister has a sponsor who covers her school fees, however,...

Elvis Matovu

Lungala Education Centre Elvis Matovu – His dad died of cancer and Elvis along with his two brothers were left with their mother.  After their mom was evicted from the family house, she left Elvis and his brothers in the neighborhood, living with other community...

Atuheire Wiston

Bwindi Orphanage Atuheire Wiston – He lost his father due to a sudden death related to his lumbering job.  After his dads death, the mother left the village and abandoned the 4 kids.  The orphanage was able to take in Atuheire but unable to take in the other 3...
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